Do you struggle to learn how to stay consistently calm?  I do!  In those moments when I can be aware enough to reach my center and consciously connect to myself, I do experience peace.   Yes, It’s possible!  I didn’t used to believe this.

Years ago, connecting to my body was such an alien concept because I was totally disconnected from myself.  It was this thing I had to do things for.  I used, ignored and abused it.  Now, my body is my ally.  I love and honor it, and here’s how I got to this point.

There are so many branches on my healing process tree.  One of them was realizing I was experiencing my body as separate from myself.  I had no idea!  Once I knew that, I embarked on a winding somewhat elusive path of learning how to connect to my body, read it’s signs, and love it.

In that love, I found my center.  I picture my center in the middle of my rib cage and visualize a mini me sitting cross-legged meditating with light extending from my center out.  I look


in this image and I respond to it with longer deeper breaths and one of my most prized gifts –

P E A C E…

Over the years of revisiting being more mindful of my body, I learned that my body always tells the truth.  Part of my mindfulness practice is leaving myself reminder notes or setting timers to bring my awareness back to what I’m working on.  In this case, its bringing myself back to tuning into my body and asking whatever sensation I’m having, “what are you telling me?”.  Sometimes I tune into a physical sensation and see a color, image, feel an emotion, etc.  I may ask myself a question and feel a body sensation in response to it. It could be an area of tenseness, a fleeting sensation, a pain, or many other things.  I really look at it so the underlying feeling feels seen. I accept it’s with me for a reason and let it be with me.

So then I’ll ask, what does that color or image or emotion mean to me?  A response actually occurs!  It might be a memory, a thought, or my child-self contacting me.  Whatever it is, it’s my body giving me valuable information for moving forward and healing a little more.

Healing from childhood trauma is a process of many baby steps which over time has led to trusting what my body tells me.

This mindful practice of communicating with, and honoring my body, quiets me internally when I listen to it’s wisdom.

I must take the time to actively go to my center and check in with myself.  This is an act of self-love that demonstrates I’m worthwhile, deserve to be paid attention to and taken care of.  It also validates my trust in myself, God, and universal support.

Here is an example of my practicing centering and calming myself.  I picture the image of myself in the middle of my rib cage or solar plexus area and take a deep breath into my lower abdomen.  Then I tune into the peaceful calm at the center of my being.  We all have it; we just need to open to it.  It gets easier with practice.  Any anxiety, negative thoughts or feelings are invited into my center & surrounded with loving acceptance.  I see that light fill & surround my being.  I affirm that I am calm, supported, and have the inner wisdom to let this negativity go by allowing loving forgiveness to guide my way.

In this state of loving calmness, it makes room for me to receive peace, guidance, answers, or whatever I need.

Fear, anxiety, anger, shame and negative thinking are parts of myself that are suffering and need acceptance & love, rather than, being ignored or stuffed down.

Something else I need to watch out for is trying to control too many aspects of my life.  These responses weaken me.  I know this as truth so I will stop choosing what I know doesn’t help and I will instead choose what I know is supportive and strengthening.  And, that is seeking the peaceful calm within along with allowing myself to receive – the gifts of

P   E  A  C  E      &   L  O  V  E

Are you working on how to calm yourself?  I would appreciate hearing what has worked for you.  Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

May you be blessed with reaching your center full of love,


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  1. Hi. I saw some steps on forgiving oneself in my local church bulletin, and thouoght I would pass them along. They were reprinted from

    Self forgiveness is an important topic covered. Victims are often able to forgive their attackers but not themselves.

    Anyway, I thought it is a good, short read.

  2. Thanks so much Jim!

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