Witness Awakening is my story of how I, as an adult, reclaimed my life and inner peace after surviving childhood sexual abuse traumas and living with PTSD. I’ll walk you through my healing process in order to describe what I needed to do to get to the other side of my healing, such as, inner child work, forming a spiritual connection and using many types of supportive help and means of expressing my inner pain.

My goal is to inspire you to continue to strive to heal because I know first-hand that healing is possible and worth every second of the hardships and awakenings while engaging in one’s healing work.

Keep Informed About The Witness Awakening Book

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more
painful than the risk it took to blossom.


Helping Resources

There are emergency call/text numbers and supportive links to forums, and a link for learning EFT tapping. Read more

Coping Tools

The purpose of this page is to offer you suggestions for strengthening and supportive coping tools to help you when you are struggling. With all these tools, it’s important to see which ones you gravitate to, try different ones & see which ones work for you. Read more

Marie McCarthy is a pen name for Donna Donahue, a New Jersey-based psychotherapist. Growing up, she faced repeated sexual trauma that caused an insidious array of symptoms and struggles. She believed she would be a victim for a lifetime.

But after years of engaging in her own healing, studying trauma for over a decade, and practicing as a trauma psychotherapist, she is now thriving. In her book, she describes how she walked through pain into well-being, and how you too can release yourself from suffering and acquire the gift of peace. She hopes you’ll join her and stand together as survivors.

Keep Informed About The Witness Awakening Book

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