Coaching Sessions

I'm offering sessions if you want to talk about how you are doing and how I can help you move forward with your healing.  We can process your life story together, and most importantly, work on the rewarding journey of learning how to heal through self-love.  There are many approaches in my tool box, such as, inner child work, working with the body's knowledge, energy and guided imagery processing, and many more tools.

 I believe we all have a wise inner healer within us, and I can act as a supportive guide to help you find your truth.  I'm a survivor of childhood trauma with 23 years of my own, and helping others with their, healing work.  I'm also a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) working towards acquiring my clinical license (LCSW).  If your looking for someone who has done a lot of trauma release work, and understands the gut wrenching pain and pervasive difficulty of healing work, then I believe I can be a helpful support to you.  You may contact me below and we can discuss your needs and my fee.

May you be blessed with the peace you deserve.

Holding Hope for Your Healing,


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