Hi, I’m Marie and here is a little about my blog and myself. I’m grateful to be joining the network of strong trauma survivors by blogging about trauma recovery. I’m working on telling my story in a book and want to share parts of it with you in the hopes of creating a space, where, if you identify with my posts, you can share your truth and we can grow together. The main goal here is to inspire each other to keep moving forward with our healing, learn from each other, and stand together to keep building a powerful foundation for trauma survivors. We can reach out to one another while we do some of the hardest healing work there is to do.

My trauma was surviving multiple rapes as a child, one of which, I came as close to being murdered as one can get. Those rapes were 100% repressed until it started bubbling up in my early 40’s. My symptom picture presented as C-PTSD while I remembered the rapes for the first time since these traumatic events occurred. Remembering my trauma entailed full blown flashbacks, and I call this period, the crisis phase.

Over the past twenty-some years, my journey has involved many healing modalities and loads of personal work that has brought me to a place of peace I didn’t think was possible. I want to share what I’ve learned and learn from you.

Helping Resources

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Coping Tools

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Coaching Sessions

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I’ll include spirituality because it has been paramount in helping me feel safe enough to go on through such torment. My spiritual philosophy is all inclusive and based on love. We all have our own unique healing paths and I want to honor yours without forcing my spiritual beliefs on anyone. So, please take what you’re comfortable with and leave the rest.

My blog is designed to have an informal dialogue as if we were sitting together having some tea. I chose green as the background because it represents peace and it’s the color for the heart chakra. I also chose for my blog to be on the plain side without much to distract or stimulate for a more peaceful experience. The lotus flower was chosen for it symbolizes awakening to spiritual consciousness and I see it as representing comfort and support.

As of writing this post, I’m in my 50’s, a wife and mother. It is my passion to assist others as so many have assisted me with healing. So, now, after so much healing work, I’m seeing that anything is possible when a trauma survivor is able to heal, and I believe we all have the potential to heal.

Healing Blessings,


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